Season for living with nomads: May – October

Not even Kyrgyzstan can escape the digital age and the rising trend to urbanisation. Luckily, the nomadic culture is still intact in the Naryn region. Every summer, a couple of hundred families move from their villages up onto the high pastures and into the very last valleys of the Tien Shan range.

Living with nomads
Nomad teaching tourists how to milk a cow
yurt construction
Tourists helping nomads set up a yurt

Ever wonder what it would be like living with nomads? Lucky for you, we know some of those families. Even though they as good as never came into contact with tourists, they agreed to host foreigners in their yurts under the condition that they participate in their everyday tasks. This can be anything from cooking, fetching water, milking cows, herding cattle, to setting up a yurt.

It is clearly not a luxury cruise, but a unique opportunity to experience the nomadic day-to-day life and to get to know Kyrgyzstan in the most intimate way.


Prices are per person per day.

Translator, food and accommodation included.

Transport excluded.

2 persons

3 persons

80 USD pp

65 USD pp

4 persons

5 persons plus

55 USD pp

50 USD pp

Working with nomads
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Living with nomads
Living with nomads

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