Don’t let this cute clown-like smile fool you. Usually one of the happiest chappies on the block, Nadine Boller has become a grumpy bum. This is weird right? It took me a while to realise what the actual cause was. But, I think I have it, so hear me out.

Earlier this week Nadine was her usual happy self. However, after arriving home late earlier this week she was bitten by the Kurdaibegenova’s grumpy dog. It has long been written about as fairy tales but I have reason to believe that “grumpy werewolvism” exists. After being bitten, Nadine became grumpier by the day. At first it started with a few tears but over time has escalated to extreme annoyance with everyone, even Divan (the pearl of her life).

There is no saying when, or if, the symptoms of grumpiness will subside after a grumpy bite. Only time will tell

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  1. Nadine is the happiest person IN THE WORLD!!! She is so happy, that the sun is shining out of her bum hole!
    But yes, she is getting irritated by the day because social media is not leaving her ALONE!!

    But otherwise she’s kak happy.

  2. I believe the article. I think Nadine got the grumpies from an infected grumpy dog. I think she will be fine soon though

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