We are nomads. Not like the Kyrgyz with their yurts, but we change our home base often enough to not grow roots.

Nadine is from Switzerland and has been in and out of Kyrgyzstan since 2011 for various documentary film projects. In that time, she has had the opportunity to learn the local language and to build close relationships with locals.

Divan moved to Central Asia in 2016, after having backpacked his home country South Africa for 18 months. Being very curious, he made sure to explore every corner of Kyrgyzstan while working as a primary school teacher in the capital Bishkek.


Up to today, Kyrgyzstan remains one of the lesser-travelled countries in the world. Hence, the tourism industry is still in its teens: sometimes a bit disorganised, inefficient, and clueless. In short, Kyrgyzstan is not the easiest country to travel.

However, in our opinion, Kyrgyzstan has a huge touristic potential that the world has overlooked so far. It is just a matter of making it accessible to travellers other than minimalistic backpackers.

That is why we founded ANDASH TRAVELS. Our tours are designed in a way that combines cultural authenticity with as much comfort as possible. Since we travelled the country extensively, we came across attractions which aren‘t even mentioned in travel guides but are exclusive to our tours.

It is important to us to show you not just the polished touristic Kyrgyzstan, but a more real version of it – a Kyrgyzstan with all its splendour and faults.

We strive to be different, more intimate and personal, and wish for you to experience Kyrgyzstan the same way.



Andash Baatyr was a local hero. In 1847, he saved his commander in a battle between the Kazakhs and the Kyrgyz by defeating the Kazakh king Erjan. We chose the name Andash because his mausoleum is found at Song-Kul, one of our favourite places in Kyrgyzstan.